Exterior Drain Tile

Exterior drain tile is installed along the outside of the footings on all around your basement. It is designed to intercept and redirect water to predetermined safe locations before it gets to your basement. If your exterior drain tiles get clogged then they can stop working properly. It is important to keep those exterior drain tile outlets free of snow, ice and other debris at all times.

Waterproofing Membranes

Waterproof membranes can be installed to seal exterior foundation wall cracks that are caused by a poorly build foundation footing. When settling occurs, these footings will allow the wall to drop and settle which in turn causes a crack in the walls and/or blocks used in construction of your basement walls.When applying a waterproof membrane, Advanced Systems will first find the crack and then dig down to the problem area. Then we clean the surface area completely and apply a special primer to ensure a great bond with the waterproofing membrane.The area is then backfilled and finished with a proper grade sloping away from home and any landscape materials are professionally reinstalled.

Gutter Extensions

It is extremely common for gutter downspouts to allow water to pool up by your foundation walls and enter your basement.  Gutter extensions need to be long enough so that this condition does not happen.

At Advanced Systems, we can install a solid flexible drain tile underground that will extend your gutter far enough that it reaches a slope that runs away from your home and will exit the drain at a pop-up outlet. Gutter extensions are designed to keep even heavy rains from pooling up near your house so that your basement will remain safe and dry.

Window Wells

Window wells keep soil and moisture away from the window frames of your basement. We inspect your window wells for signs of rot and also rodent damage.  It’s not uncommon to find a mouse or a chipmunk digging in, or around wells and concrete steps. We make sure that your window wells are in good shape before we start to build up and grade around your foundation so we make sure they are properly doing their job.

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