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Do I Have Foundation Problems if There Are Cracks in My Sheetrock?

In short: yes, sheetrock fractures in walls are frequently a sign of issues with a home’s foundation. This is due to the possibility that any cracks in your sheetrock could indicate foundation deterioration. Property owners in the Kansas City area frequently find that their walls have sheetrock fractures and other issues. Repairing a foundation is sometimes necessary. Heat, Kansas droughts, soil movement, or enormous volumes of water can all have an impact on your sheetrock. It is problematic when moisture is trapped beneath slab foundations or pier and beam constructions.

What Kind of Foundation Problems Result in Wall Sheetrock Cracks?

Your sheetrock may develop cracks as a result of problems like foundation settlement and heave. If your home’s foundation is not level, walls frequently start to fracture. You are more likely to find holes in your walls, ceilings, and floors the more your foundation slopes and bends. This holds true for both homes built with piers and beams and foundations made of concrete slabs. Read up about foundation movement and how it affects your structure if you’re interested.

The only option may be foundation repair if you see cracks in your sheetrock and walls. Remember that minor spider cracks are nothing to worry about, but larger ones can be a sign of foundation trouble. 1″ wide cracks quickly grow to be 2-3″ long or longer. There are real reasons to be concerned about horizontal sheetrock cracks, and wall tears will only get worse with time. Sometimes only a small portion of a home’s fractures are noticeable. In other cases, you might see wall breaking in several rooms. The majority of the time, a certain area of a house has foundation issues initially. Naturally, problems will surface over time in various places all across the property.