Foundation Piering

At Advanced Systems of NE Kansas we use the Stratos Pier® System, a high strength foundation piering system that incorporates compact interlocking segments that are comprised of high strength mortar, pre‐cast inside of steel sleeves. The unique design features and materials combine to create a system that is engineered to outperform other typical systems by increasing ultimate in‐place strength. Additional benefits include lower cost installation equipment, lower installation time and less labor.

Product Applications

The Stratos Pier® System is designed and engineered to be installed for the purpose of stabilization and/or to lift residential and light commercial structures. This system can be used for structures with basements or various slab on grade applications.

Product Features

The Stratos Pier® System segment design includes a steel cylinder encasing a unique high strength mortar that is water resistant, alkali resistant, and sulfate resistant. This unique concrete bonds to the steel cylinder on a microscopic level to create a monolithic segment. Each segment interlocks together by means of a male and female connection. The length of each  segment is designed to be installed directly under the footing of the structure with minimal excavation. This increases the strength of the system by supporting the structure directly under the load.

Product Benefits

  • Eliminates most problems with steel and helical and concrete piering systems
  • Strength of system provided by waterproof, chemical resistant mortar
  • Provides the deepest installations in the industry
  • Simple to Install
  • Less intrusive than most systems
  • Does not require expensive installation equipment
  • Installed directly beneath the footing
  • Can be installed outside or inside of the home