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Heavy & Accessive Rain: Can it Cause Problems in Your Foundation?

It goes without saying that severe downpours and other rain events will occur when you live in the Midwest. Our area is accustomed to soaking rains that produce enormous puddles or sometimes flash flooding. We are frequently asked, “Can too much rain cause foundation problems?” The short answer is yes. The soils around your foundation play a significant role in how well it endures. Let’s learn more about how a heavy downpour might affect the foundation of your house, one of its most vital components.

What Causes Heavy Rain to Add to Foundation Problems?

A little rain will fall into everyone in our lives. All of Kansas, including the Wichita area, frequently experiences moderate rainfall. There isn’t much cause for alarm in this situation. But when it rains hard, that’s when you should start to worry more. Expanding soil is caused by saturated soil. Hydrostatic pressure is a result of expanding soils. You may suffer foundation issues like the following if the pressure on your basement/foundation walls increases:

  • A wall splits
  • Sagging walls
  • Seepage of water as groundwater seeps into your basement
  • More serious results, like complete wall displacement or wall collapse
  • Flooding in the basement

What steps may be taken to address these rain-related problems? Advanced Systems provides a number of options. Contact Us to learn more!