Learn About Your Pier & Beam Foundation

Even the most meticulous homeowners might not be aware of the unique requirements of the pier and beam foundation for their property. Unfortunately, many people don’t become aware of—let alone consider—the need for foundation repair until it is too late. At Advanced Systems, we think it’s important to inform homeowners about potential problems so they don’t grow into bigger, more expensive ones. In light of this, the purpose of this blog post is to educate you about the benefits and drawbacks of pier and beam foundations, as well as to contrast them with other choices like concrete slab foundations.

In a pier and beam foundation, a steel beam is used to reinforce a concrete pier. A pier and beam foundation (sometimes referred to as a post and beam foundation) is a kind of elevated substructure that frequently includes a crawlspace that supports the foundation for a standard Kansas home. Plumbing and electrical components used to support the house may be located in the crawlspace. Repairmen can more readily access these devices to do the required repairs because of their accessibility.

A pier and beam foundation also offers some stability for a Kansas house built on shifting soil, which is another benefit. However, if they are not maintained, these types of foundations—or more specifically, the wood beams they rely on—will gradually degrade. Only a few of the potential drawbacks of a pier and beam foundation include mold, mildew, and roach or rodent infestations. The wood beams may eventually cause the home’s foundation to sink, move, or settle, which may necessitate expensive home repairs.

Increased durability is a benefit of foundations, which are best suited to clay soils. They can also be swiftly and affordably constructed. Concrete foundations are almost as susceptible to fluctuating soil conditions as their pier and beam counterparts, though. When the earth is too wet, it spreads out and rises underneath the home. Additionally, their slab foundations leave no room for a basement (which, admittedly, is not much of an issue for Houston homeowners, since our city is at sea level).

Our opinion is that a pier and beam foundation is superior to a concrete slab foundation since it is simpler to maintain and easier to repair if your plumbing and electrical systems “dwell” under the crawlspace. Additionally, compared to a concrete slab, the steel beam construction assures that the foundation is less likely to slide under the house.

foundation. A qualified foundation repair firm like Advanced Systems can work miracles to produce work that will have you and your property standing tall for many years to come, even though a pier and beam foundation can be more expensive.