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Cleaning Your Gutters Can Save Your Foundation!

How often do you clean the gutters on your house? Do they always fill up with leaves and trash in the fall? Do you examine them following storms and other bad weather? Did you realize that clogged gutters can destroy the foundation of your house?

It might sound unbelievable, but something as minor as a blocked gutter system can seriously harm your house and require foundation repair. When the next downpour comes, you can encounter flooding and property damage in addition to foundation issues caused by clogged gutters.

What May Happen if You Don’t Clean Your Gutters

Erosion Around Your House

The stability of your foundation depends on packed earth. The soil around your home could erode away and undermine the foundation of your property if your gutters are overflowing and water from the roof falls onto the ground immediately next to the house.

Your home’s foundation would gradually deteriorate and crack, posing risks such as leaks, flooding, and, in the worst circumstances, the eventual collapse of your entire structure. Clean gutters help reduce the risk of erosion caused by water damage, which is a sneaky sort of harm.

Humid and Moldy Home

You’ll begin to notice an increase in indoor humidity when rain seeps into the earth around your home, weakening the foundation. There may be wet walls and mold growth throughout the basement in areas where homes have basements.

Mold can develop on the outside of the house, in the crawlspace underneath it, and anywhere else in the house if there is inadequate ventilation in locations where basements are uncommon. Mold has the potential to become harmful to your family and seriously harm their health.

Your Foundation Warranty May Become Void

Take a look at the foundation’s warranty. There may be passages in the warranty that talk about the gutters on your home. Your guarantee can be voided if you don’t maintain them clean and the foundation is damaged as a result.

Although it varies from policy to insurance, a foundation guarantee may cover significant damage, but damage from the gutters may not be. Because it is simple for a claims assessor to link damage to overflowing gutters, you cannot clean the gutters after damage has already been done and expect the warranty to still be in effect.